Amy has been adopted.



Amy, four months old, was born as a feral kitten in Cranbrook. Her mom has now been spayed and found an acreage to live on. Amy is the most timid of her litter. She enjoys being pet and held but spooks easily. When spooked she will, hide and sometimes hiss. When she trusts you, she will melt in your arms. Like her sister Amy, she likes to snuggle under your chin when she’s relaxed. She responds wonderfully to affection and requires a patient human who responds to her timid nature with affection. When spooked, she calms easily and turns right back into a love bug. Amy is is great with other cats but hasn’t been around dogs. She would likely not do well in a busy home with small children and will need to be an indoor-only kitty for a long while until she settles in and bonds with her new family.