How you can help


GALS operates on the generosity of our donors and volunteers. Please donate to our cause, or help support us by purchasing from GALS’ online store. We also have a PayPal account (, accept email transfers to our email and have a community bank account at the Bank of Montreal that you can deposit into.



Please contact GALS if you would like to help out with fundraising efforts, or if you have some unique fundraising ideas.


Volunteering or Fostering with GALS is a great way to help save more lives. You’ll be welcomed into a loving volunteer organization of friends and families who share your passion for animals.

Wish List

  • Crates, kennels and ex-pens (all sizes)
  • Towels
  • Live traps
  • Cat litter and litter pans
  • Quality Dog and Cat Food (canned and dry), Canned Pumpkin (Unsweetened), Milk replacer for puppies and kittens
  • Probiotic Supplements
  • Virkon Powder and bleach
  • Gift Cards, Gas Cards
  • Slip Leads
  • Kongs and plastic toys (that we can disinfect)
  • Dog houses and straw
  • Fencing Panels and Dog Runs
  • Van to transport animals and use to attend spay/neuter clinics
  • Warehouse space
  • LAND