Foster Application

Foster Application

  • Purpose:

    Foster parents are incredibly special in our organization. Our organization houses our animal friends in foster families, rather than in a central shelter. Our goal is to have them socialized within a family setting. We support each other’s efforts, share ideas and believe in teamwork. Global Animal Lovers Society thanks you very much for your application and looks forward to working with you in the near future

    What GALS Supplies:

    We supply the food and veterinary care for each animal in our care. We supply donated blankets, crates and other supplies such as food dishes and toys when they are available. We also supply shampoo, conditioners, special medicated shampoo if necessary, and medication if needed. Foster parents are guided through the adoption process and are supplied with adoption forms and other screening tools.

    What Foster Parents Supply:

    Foster families supply transportation to the approved Vet Clinics and back to their homes when picking up animals or taking them for medical care. Although food is supplied, generally foster parents pick it up at a mutually agreeable pick up location.