Valentino has been adopted.



Valentino is a chihuahua mix and is 3 years old but he is still a high-energy puppy at heart. He loves to play, has been great with the dogs he has met and is good with dog-friendly cats too. He can be a tiny bit mouthy and he needs to work on not jumping up, so he may not be an ideal fit for a home with babies or toddlers. Valentino doesn’t like being left alone for long periods of time and he does get upset and barks/whines when this happens. He is also not 100% on his house training but seems to be doing great if he can have several outings during the day and after meals. He does well in a crate over night but he would also love to share the bed with you if he’s allowed. Even though Val is a small-breed dog, he would still like an active home where he gets daily walks, play, and structure. He bonds quickly with everyone and is VERY friendly and confident.