Trinity has been adopted.



Trinity is a 3 1/2 yr old Newfoundland. She was living with a 9 year old Newf but needs have a family that can spend the extra time and training. All she wants is hugs and pats, she loves going for walks and is slowly getting used to the water as she was not a swimmer. She still will just wade in. She came to us with dislocated hips but can now run with ease, does not like stairs she will go down, but not up. She is a quiet dog and very alert. Trinity needs a loving home-is that yours?

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  1. Beverley Corey says:

    Hi people
    I love Newfs. I have one neutered male and just lost my female. If you can not find a home for Trinity please let me know, i have a great home and 5 acres for them to run on. Please let me know the particulars of adoption.

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