Toby-Available after Jan 13, 2016 has been adopted.

Toby-Available after Jan 13, 2016


Little Toby is a huge bundle of crazy! The only pictures I can get are of him sleeping, because he will not stop moving when awake. He is an extremely energetic dog who loves to play! He requires a lot of opportunities to burn some energy, and can keep up with the big dogs on our bush hikes. He is gentle with the kids, curious about the rabbits (sniffs them and tries to play, no drive to harm them), and a little nervous of the hedgehog. The lizards he ignores. He gets along with other dogs, he has been around ours, our dogs foster brother, and my mom’s chihuahuas. He is house trained (90% of the time), will run to the door if he needs to go, but if we are slow to get there he will mess. No messes in the last 4 days though. He loves to explore, but doesn’t like to stray too far. I have to be very careful where I step since he follows me everywhere and likes to be right at my feet. He loves to greet me at the door after work, and eagerly awaits and good rub. He is crate trained for night time, goes in without a fuss and sleeps all night. Even crawls in from time to time during the day for a nap. He goes everywhere with us and is getting fairly comfortable in he vehicle, although he likes being near someone for the ride. He is learning simple tricks like sit, lay down, and off. He is also working on recall, and for the most part will come when called. He really is just a loving, spunky, eager to please pup! Such a wonderful little guy!