Thaisha has been adopted.



Thaisha was found wandering the Kananaskis valley. A vet determined that she had been homeless for a considerable amount of time. It was recommended that she be euthanized. At that time she was called Fate. But her Fate wasn’t sealed and she got a second chance. Thaisha came to Cranbrook and has come a very long way in a short amount of time. She is a VERY quick learner and is always looking for direction. Her doggy manners continue to grow as she gains confidence as a pet. She heels on leash, is house trained, runs beautifully beside bikes wearing her doogy pack pack, loves to chase balls, relishes her cuddles and is very loyal! Thaisha would thrive in a home with no cats as her border collie instinct to herd kicks in when she sees them. If you have an active lifestyle and are looking for the perfect dog to share it with then Thaisha would be a wonderful dog to share it with you!!

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  1. Tammy Morgan says:

    I am soooo excited to bring this precious fur baby home with us tomorrow … my tummy is just anxious and nervous and I can’t wait!!!!! We love her so much already after meeting her. Thank you soooo much to her incredible Foster parents (Stephanie and family) and the awesome volunteers at GALS for taking such incredible care of her until she adopted our family as her own. She is such an incredible, wonderful, loving, playful bundle of joy!!!! Thank you soooo much to you all for making this dream come true for us, and Thaisha for choosing us as her forever home!!!!! Bless you all and the incredible work you all do!!!!!
    Tammy, David, and Logan Morgan – one very happy and grateful family 🙂

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