Stanley has been adopted.


Update from his foster home…A few points that I have learned about in the past few days that we’ve had him. He is actually turning out to be good with other dogs. He gets excited in the beginning when he meets new dogs, especially large males, but once he gets to know them, he is fine. He plays with them nicely. On walks, he sticks around. Loves people. I think he will be OK to go to a home with another dog. He doesn’t necessarily need a large property to roam. This is what he is used to, but I think he might have been roaming because of boredom and a lack of structured ‘walks’ with his peeps. A fenced in yard with off leash walks in a a park or through the forest would do the trick. He love his people of all sizes!Stanley is a big sweetheart! He is a 2.5 year old neutered mixed breed.

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