Rusty has been adopted.



Available for Adoption Р Invermere, British Columbia
Rusty came home with us from a spay and neuter clinic as he was getting beat up by another dog in the neighbourhood and he had nowhere to go at the end of the clinic.

Rusty is good with dogs his size (when introduced properly), but will guard his food from other dogs at meal time, so no ‘free-feeding’ in his new home! Rusty is cureently living with another pitty x, a Pomeranian and a cat in his foster home but would be best suited to a home with one other dog his size or even better yet, his own home where he can get the attention he has never had.

From his foster home:
If Rusty is not “ran” often he will find ways to tell you. He will chew random things he finds or he will simply try to find a way out of the yard and run away. Rusty has a friend he likes to play with a few blocks away and he will try to go there.

Rusty is warm and extremely friendly to humans. He has a wonderful disposition with our kids and tolerates their sometimes over zealous affections. I have told my daughter more than once to literally “stop riding Rusty around the house”. He would lay on the couch and snuggle her forever if she would sit still.

We believe Rusty is best suited in a home that has no other animals for him to compete with. Someone who has time to spend training him, running him & snuggling him. And again – great with kids!

We have been feeding Rusty twice a day in his own bowl. But we put all feeding bowls up when the dogs are done and we often will feed Rusty outside alone due to the food guarding but The “own bowl” thing was a major key for him. And he has shown massive signs of improvement. We truly think Rusty is trainable and deserves a better chance with people who have that kind of knowledge.

We are always available to answer any more questions. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any. 250-341-3583

Venessa & Chris


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