Red has been adopted.



Red is a 9 month old Red Coon Tick Hound. He gets along really well with other dogs, all people including kids, and is curious of cats but has shown no aggression. Red would thrive in a home where he has the opportunity to play with other dogs, and where he will get plenty of attention and consistency. He has some anxiety that is calmed with routine and an active lifestyle. He has been walked with a Halti and is responding well, and has demonstrated good recall when off leash with other dogs. He is house trained too. Potential adopters for Red should do some research before taking on a hound. They are a high energy, vocal breed. They can be very smart and train well but can be destructive if left to their own devices and under stimulated. They need to feel like they are a part of the family (as any dog should) and can be sensitive to things going on in the home. They have high prey drives and instinctively chase. Hounds love a job/purpose- scent tracking games, and search and rescue are up their alley. If you think all of this sounds perfect and you would like to adopt Red, Please fill out an adoption application. We’d love to hear from you.