Radar has been adopted.



Radar-Available for Adoption with his buddy Sushi! (Invermere, BC)
Radar has been fostered in one home for a few months now and it is safe to say he has stolen the hearts of his foster parents. Originating in a hoarding home along with at least 40 other cats, the seven-year-old wasn’t very well socialized. But now, Radar absolutely adores companionship. He is affectionate, attention seeking, adorable, playful and helps to keep his foster parents’ bed warm at night. He loves to climb and jump onto people’s shoulders and he will sometimes spend long periods of time being a smoochy, purring scarf. He currently lives with a foster dog and another foster cat. He was his parents’ first foster baby and after a warming period, has grown to love and cuddle the more recent additions to his foster family. Aside from the rare swat on one of his foster siblings’ noses, he has never been aggressive or mean. All in all, he is the perfect cat and his foster family would love to see him go to a very affectionate and caring forever home.

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