Patches has been adopted.



Patches has come along way since we first got him, he is Matt free, and in love with being brushed. He is fantastic with his litter box, scratching post and my old dog. He is a cat that will take a little bit of time to build up that trust, but all it really takes is a couple good ear rubs and a little patience. Once you have bonded or built that trust with patches, you have made a friend for life. Patches is a quiet chatterbox (he has a quite meow) who loves to talk with you and convince you to follow him to the bed for cuddles. He likes to explore the house and hang out beside you on the couch. He’s a cat with a great personality and a ton of character, who would love to bond with you for life. All he needs is a little patience and time to build that trust. A beautiful Maine coon inside and out.