Oreo has been adopted.



She’s a curious, brave little madam, but likes to stay close to your side and loves fuss. Makes funny little snoring noises when excited or happy.

“Rollie and Oreo doing just fine. Oreo is not afraid of the dark at all, she slept all last night with no light on (I know because she snored like a little steam engine). Rollie good too. They both settled down without any issues. Just been for a walk up the snowy creek, both went off leash and behaved beautifully, they stay pretty close to you. A few making friends issues with my own dog but then Daisy is a bit of a prima donna and they are all sorting themselves out. Rollie and Oreo also met the neighbour’s dogs and were very friendly with them. They are both calm and happy and don’t seem frazzled at all.”