Morty has been adopted.



This little guy is going to make a fantastic adventure buddy, hiking companion and fur baby. He will require lots of outdoor play to keep him stimulated. That brain of his is always working to figure things out, he is very smart. He is very affectionate and always looking into your eyes for direction. He is very smart, eager to please, and responds very well to positive reinforcement and re direction. He is sleeping through the night in his kennel, and knows he is such a good boy for going outside. We are having very few accidents already. He is learning basic commands like sit and picked it up immediately, and starting leash training too. He is fantastic off leash and eager to come when you call him. He is currently living with a senior dog, who is teaching him boundries, two cats that he respects, and had a few meetings with my chickens and so far so good. He is a special boy with a big heart.