Mandy has been adopted.



Mandy is a gorgeous beagle terrier who is 11 but thinks she’s 3. She springs up onto the backs of couches and raised beds effortlessly. She has absolutely no health issues. Hearing/sight/digestion etc. everything is excellent. She’s very curious and a great communicator. She does her adorable happy dance (bouncing, lifting alternating paws) when she wants her treats; cute attention-getting noises and gruff little barks to let you know she needs to go outside (100 per cent house trained); and she’s a top notch cuddler. She was surrendered by a family that fell on tough times and was used to being around several cats plus her two offspring (a boy Rollie and girl Oreo, also surrendered to GALS) so would do well in an attentive household with cats and/other small dogs or that of a retired couple/single (ie. not being left alone for extended periods of time). Here is the message from her surrender family: “Good with dogs, cats, people, children. Cautious but curious with other dogs at first, she will approach them when she is ready and will let them know that she would like to be left alone with a growl. Mandy will do the same with children but she has never bitten or shown aggression and she is easily submitted with some TLC. Overall description of Mandy would be; Obedient, playful, loyal and loving.” She adapted to foster care and the presence of a large husky cross quickly (1.5 days) with the help of lots of treats and attention. She is perfectly behaved, growing more comfortable and confident every day. Some separation distress is still visible in that she’s scared to go past the end of the driveway for walks (although will sniff around the house) but given time, she will no doubt adjust. However, she is not used to walks (the surrender family had no time), only to being let out in the yard, so a fenced garden or safe outdoor area to explore is a must. According to the surrender family, Mandy hasn’t slowed down one bit; she has just grown a little whiter around the face. This dog will be an absolute joy to the lucky individual/family who adopts her.