Maisie has been adopted.



Maisie came to GALS as a surrender from a recent spay / neuter clinic. At around 40 pounds and knee height she looks like a puppy even though she is approximately 3 years old. This sometimes shy, very sweet gal has gained confidence with indoor, city living in leaps and bounds. Her companions are two golden retrievers and six cats. She adores all of them and lives easily with them. Maisie has a playful interest in the feline crew and would do well with dog-savvy cats as she enjoys playing with them (and sometimes chasing in fun them if they run). She is housetrained and goes to her crate when she is unsure or scared. Maisie spends her day with free run of the house, loose with  the rest of the four-legged family. She has not shown any destructive behaviours thus far and barks rarely. Leash walking is still a bit of a challenge as vehicles and loud sounds continue to frighten her outside the safety of her yard but she is making progress as she gains confidence. She may have counter surfing tendencies as a leftover from her days of having to scrounge for food which is easily managed. Her recall in the yard and house is near perfect. Maisie’s best home would have another dog to learn from and follow. She approaches kids submissively and with happy interest but would likely be better suited to a quieter home. Currently she is quite low energy which may change as she becomes more comfortable with her family and environment. Whomever adopts this sweet girl is so very lucky 🙂