Lulu has been adopted.



Hi guys! My name is Lulu, I’m a 9-month-old mixed-breed pup and I’m looking for my forever home! I’m a gentle giant who is full of love and I don’t have a mean bone in my body. In saying this, sometimes I don’t understand my size but I’m slowly getting to know boundaries.

I love playing with other dogs and going for walks, I’m very well behaved when it comes to this. The only exception would be that I can become anxious from loud or unfamiliar things so sometimes I insist we go another way.

I learn tricks super quickly and would love someone who can help me continue to learn bigger and better things.

At night I don’t mind at all going into my crate and I stay pretty quiet until one of my foster parents are up.

I’ve just recovered from a skin condition so parts of me are missing some fur, but don’t worry, I’ll regain all of that in time.

A home with a yard for me to run around with another dog in would be my ideal forever home as I really enjoy the company.