JJ has been adopted.


JJ is female Shepherd/Heeler cross. She is about 50 pounds and is full grown. JJ is spayed, vaccinated and ready for her forever home! JJ is looking for a job as she likes to herd. She is house trained and kennel trained and walks well on a halti. She has been off leash with some success (distractions are a problem). Nothing so far will stop her from chasing deer so she must be watched at all times.
She has energy to spare. She mellows out in the evening after a lot of play time and a long walk. She loves to play with other dogs for hours! Must be off leash around other dogs as she shows aggression on the leash (when you let the leash go she is fine and greets the other dogs appropriately and they get along fine).
She would really benefit from a home on an acreage or farm where she could run a lot during the day or spend the day with someone working outside. (She could easily be trained as a herd dog!
She is very sweet and affectionate, great with people and kids too, we are still working on training to not jump up as she gets very excited.
She is still young so should not be left unattended in the house. She doesn’t bark a lot when left outside.

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