JC (AKA Happy) has been adopted.

JC (AKA Happy)


Happy is a sweet pup and also extremely happy. His little tail can’t wag fast enough when he sees you. He has lots of energy and loves to spend it wrestling with his foster brother. He is eager to follow the lead with his foster brother and tends to tag along everywhere. He is very curious and will cuddle up to you once he is done exploring his surroundings. Happy is great in his crate, sleeping there during the night and while you are out at work, he will even crawl in for a good nap when he is done playing. Happy loves other dogs, warming up quickly once he knows they are safe to play with. Once told to leave something, Happy is quick to move onto other interests, especially if given a diversion. Happy knows to come, sit and is even getting good at letting you wipe his paws after playing in the rain. Happy is a sweet, sweet pup with a great disposition.

3 responses to “JC (AKA Happy)”

  1. Jo Groff says:

    What kind of dog is he and how old is he? Sweet little guy : )

  2. Linda Snyder says:

    Hi, what a sweetie, How old is happy…..

  3. Shawna Richard says:

    Happy is a mixed breed dog and we honestly would only be guessing if we labeled him as a certain breed. He is around 4 months old and weighs about 25lbs.

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