Indie & Oliver has been adopted.

Indie & Oliver


This bonded pair of poodle x’s are looking for a forever home together. Indie (black and tan), and Oliver (white and brown) are 6 yrs old and now neutered, vaccinated and ready to find their forever home. The boys have settled into their foster home very well and we have learned a lot about their personalities. These affectionate boys love going for walks, and are completely housetrained and now using a doggy door. They are starting to eat kibble as they had only been eating rollover food all of their lives but we are still mixing it together. Indie loves toys while Oliver prefers bully sticks. They willingly go into their crates but do love sleeping on the bed and the top of the couch. We were told they both like cats but we have not tested this yet. Indie likes to grumble and growl but it’s just noise-he has never tried to bite, but merely protests when being picked up and moved from the bed. They are getting bathed tonight (now that they’ve recovered from neuters), so we will post updates on how they do with that as both these non-shedding boys will require grooming regularly.
These two are a great little pair and have stolen all of our hearts at GALS!