Illene has been adopted.



Ilene is a special mix breed dog with a quirky personality. As you can see she in now a tripod due to extensive damage that was done to her leg. The vets tried their best but it could not be saved. Now she walks on 3 instead of 4 but that doesn’t stop is girl!!
Due to her insecurity she can be dog reactive. She requires a knowledgeable home that can help her overcome these insecurities. Once she knows that she will not be attacked, she is good. But does bark alot at first introductions. She is also cat aggressive and can get very intense with tracking and hunting them, she did live with a cat but with much supervision, so she would do best in a home with no cats. She would do best as a single dog or with one other friend as she is currently with 5 other dogs and she doesn’t fight for attention but loves to have it. In an effort to play with you she does “mouth” you, but is completely out of play. She enjoys playing with stuffies and running after sticks, when there isn’t many other dogs to fight for the stick with. she HATES being bulldozed by other dogs, but she does play fight if the mood is right