Hope has been adopted.



This is Hope. She has a very special story which you can almost read in her deep black eyes. Hope was in pretty rough shape when she came to GALS in January, still lactating but minus her puppies, involved in a fire that consumed her home, a belly so black from soot it even shocked the vets. She was scared of everyone and everything, the only thing on her mind was to run for her life. So this is how this little beagle/lab X came by her name. After the first few months in foster care we wondered if she was ever to be happy again. Just when we were losing Faith, a miracle happened and Hope became “Miss Wiggles ” . She loves to walk and lay in the water. She is good with other dogs but puts up a tough face in the beginning. A sure sign she fended for herself. Once she is sure they aren’t going to hurt her she becomes a playful puppy. She is still very aloof but you can tell she is liking being a family member when she does the ‘Happy Dance’ if she hasn’t seen you for awhile. She doesn’t let too many people pet her yet but she is starting to like it more and more. She will make a great dog to someone special (with a fenced yard). She still needs a lot of time and understanding to learn to trust and requires very little attention. She barely comes into the house and prefers a spot about three feet from the door that she most often goes in and out of. She is getting very good at getting her front feet up onto the tailgate but does need a boost to get into the truck to go for a ride. Hope~we love you!

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