Gizzy has been adopted.



Meet Gizzy! This little lady is looking for a quiet place with a comfy lap and cozy chair with a fuzzy blanket to retire. Gizzy is 13-14 years old but generally in good health for her age. She has diabetes, which is now well managed with diet/feeding at regular times and twice daily insulin injections (which are super-easy to administer once you get the hang of it!)
Gizz has no interest in having another kitty or doggy friend. She wants to be the star of the show. The only friend Gizz really needs is a great human to cuddle with, and keep company with wherever she is. Gizzy’s happy place is on her foster moms feet at the end of the bed, in the quiet of night. She loves a good butt scratch, but mostly just wants to quietly be in your presence. Do you have what this pretty girl needs to happily retire?