Ghost (f) & Darkness (m) has been adopted.

Ghost (f) & Darkness (m)


Ghost (f) & Darkness (m) are 2 semi-feral kittens that have been spayed, neutered, had their first shots and been de-wormed. They love to play, and run around their foster home, and have come out of their shells enough to let us see them play, and when relaxed, love their attention and belly rubs. With some continued work we believe they will make wonderful house pets. They are unsure of dogs as the foster family dogs are a little excitable, but get along with the 3 tom cats. Their only issue is to learn trust with people. They have been picked up and handled every day, and get more and more comfortable. If you have the time and patience, they will be a wonderful addition to your home

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  1. Monica says:

    Hello, do you happen to have a ragomdall/ragamuffin cat for adoption? i heard the breed is very rare but i like big, fluffy and homey cats other breeds u would like to suggest?

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