Freude has been adopted.



Freude is 8 years old & an absolute sweetheart πŸ’• She is an eskimo/shepherd cross & has an abundance of energy! She loves to play ball, tirelessly! Freude has been an amazing addition to our family and I am heartbroken to have to let her go. Freude loves kids of any age & has a very gentle personality. She loves the outdoors whether it’s hiking, swimming, or camping. She prefers to be where the people are and dislikes getting left behind. Freude is good with most dogs and cats (when they are her cats). She does have a bit of a prey drive with smaller animals that are not her own. The only time she barks is when someone knocks on the door or when she wants to play ball. She is good both on leash and off (although I only walk her off leash when in nature) and has good recall (unless her prey drive kicks in). Freude is a beautiful soul and will make a wonderful addition to any household that can offer the time and attention she deserves.