Eileen has been adopted.



Eileen is a sweet little tripod dog. She loves belly rubs, car rides, and squeaky toys. She is good with children. She sheds a bit, so frequent brushing is necessary. She is timid around other dogs at first, and will bark and snarl at them if they come too close, but after a few hours of exposure, she warms up and will play with them. Eileen is not good with cats and should not live with them. She is a part time counter surfer, so it is recommended to not leave food within her reach if she is unnatended for periods of time. She doesnt beg for food when you are eating, but will sleuth around after looking for crumbs and such. She hoards toys if there are other dogs around. She is well house trained, and will wait until let outside to take care of any business. If you take her for a good walk, and rub her belly, she will be your best friend!