Duke has been adopted.



Duke is a 9 year old miniature pinscher and he is looking for a new home where he can spend the rest of his life being spoiled and loved. He is good with other animals and older children who are dog savvy (he doesn’t like unexpectedly being grabbed and can be nervous). Duke would like a quiet, stress-free home. He has had some hair loss in the past. We have had blood work and skin scrapings done and it is believed that he may have some food sensitivities and/or lose hair when he is stressed. The hair loss doesn’t itch or seem to bother him. It is just cosmetic and is doing great right now 🙂
Duke likes the outdoors in warmer weather but as he is a little guy with a short coat, he’s not fond of the cold. Duke’s leash skills could use a bit of work as he can be a puller, but as he’s such a little guy, he’s pretty easy to manage. Duke is house-trained and is a good boy when left alone free to roam the house when you go out.