Colt has been adopted.



Colt is a very independent puppy. He is roughly 7-8 weeks old and his breed is unknown. He is very playful He loves the outdoors and wants to be outside more than inside. He is fearless and very curious. He is not the puppy to cry when you leave the room and is content just being by himself exploring. He has been sleeping in a crate at night but is still waking up throughout the night. Colt is picking up the basics of walking on a lead & is learning to sit on command. He is very playful with his foster families’ 2 year old Lab and if continually kept around other dogs we are sure he will get along with others fine! Most of all he loves to PLAY! He likes to play with your feet, loves tug a war & roughhousing with his foster brother. He will need attention in chewing and keeping things away from his puppy teeth, as well as getting more comfortable with his crate but he is still so young. With the proper love, attention & training he will make an amazing dog!

Colt will be available for adoption once he has been neutered and is up to date on his vaccinations.