Chuck Norris has been adopted.

Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris just had surgery to mend a broken hip (FHO surgery on the left hip). He is a 10 week old Miniature Pinscher that needed our help. The only caution is that this surgery done in a young dog like this, can grow callus at the surgery site. In a small number of dogs, this callus is so profuse that it rubs against the hip and causes pain and lameness. In this case, the surgery site may need to be shaved down again to remove the callus. Otherwise, it is a straightforward surgery that works well.
It will be a while before our little guy is available for adoption but we will post updates on his progress!
*UPDATE* His surgery went great today and he is resting comfortably with our dear friend, Janice Lawson!
HUGE kudos to Dr. Audrey Remedios and to the Canine Companion Clinic in Calgary for the amazing care and compassion shown to him. THANK YOU !!!

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  1. Camara Murphy says:

    Hi iam interested in lil chuck , I think he would be perfact for my/ our home ! Please contact me back at 250-270-0111 I would like to ask a few questions ! Thanks

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