Hi, I’m Chris, though my mom calls me Chrissy Bird.
I am a very well behaved Cockatiel. I only squawk when I’m hungry, other than that I like to sing “Happy and you know it” and “Happy birthday”. I don’t know the words but the bird in the mirror really likes my renditions.
I love millet sprigs and multigrain Cheerios, basking in the morning sunshine, and going to the bars to kiss mom.
Mom feels as though I could have a fuller life with someone who could spend more time with me. She doesn’t want me to go, but she just wants what’s best for me ❤️ as the family hasn’t had the opportunity to teach me how to be handled – but since I’m young I think I could catch on quick! I’ve gotten used to getting my nails trimmed, but only with a light cloth over my head to keep me calm.
I have a nice sized cage on a stand that could accommodate a friend, if slowly introduced of course, like any bird.
I currently live with two dogs and a cat and the only thing I don’t like about them is when the dogs whack my cage with their tails, but I don’t think they mean anything by it.
If you think you could give me a loving home and the time and attention I need please have your people call my people and I’d love to meet you.