Buddy (black) has been adopted.

Buddy (black)


Hi! I’m Buddy, and just like the Christmas elf, I’m learning lots of new things about life even though I’m already an adult. It all started about a year ago when Gals rescued me. I was a wild, terrified four month old, and was in pain and couldn’t get around well because of my knees. But that was my old life. In my new life Ive started to trust people, discovered I LOVE other dogs, became house trained, and this spring, once I was fully grown, I had TPLO surgery to fix both knees. The vet says I’ve healed and now I can find my forever home!
Even after more than a year in my new life, I still have some quirks to work through. Everyone says I need to be in a home with a confident dog who can keep showing me the ropes. My foster brothers are showing me how to stay close on off leash walks, to approach new people, when to relax at home and stay in the yard, and I’ve learned that feeding time is the best time! When I’m too scared to try something new, I usually end up following their lead, which makes the humans happy. I like all people but would probably do best in a home with older kids (sudden noises and movements can still startle me). I’m still getting my back leg strength back, but love short walks and I swear I’m going to try swimming (that is requiring a baby steps approach so far).
Im only a year and a half old, and since I’m a Lab/collie/mastiff cross, I’m pretty smart too, so we’ll have lots of time for me to keep figuring out life together. If you’d like to meet me or learn more about me, you and your dog – my future brother or sister, should contact Gals, because I can’t wait to meet you!