Buddy has been adopted.



Buddy is a beautiful, laid-back 3 1/2 year old large breed dog. Buddy enjoys “swalking” (slow walking) and will “swalk” for as long as you like! He can go for long “swalks” or short ones. It doesn’t matter to him as long as he gets to be with you! Buddy has excellent manners; he knows his basic commands and never pulls on leash. In fact his favorite place to be is by your side. Buddy loves to cuddle and loves to be cuddled. He will sit between your legs for hugs and scratches and is happy to stay there all day long. Buddy will let you know when someone comes to the house with his big bark but stops when asked. He is kennel trained and has been fostered with kittens, a cat, a medium sized dog, a small breed dog and two lively children. Since Buddy has such excellent manners he expects everyone in his pack to also have excellent manners. If he feels that someone is being rude he will quietly growl indicating his displeasure with someone’s obvious rudeness. This can be misread as aggressive but it is not. Buddy likes order in his world as everyone has a “place” and should know where they fit in. He will thrive in a home where he can enjoy his “swalks” and his cuddles where his person will provide him with the love and security that a leader should. If you would like more information about Buddy please fill out an adoption application.