Buckley has been adopted.



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Banff, AB

Buckley is looking for a foster family and then a forever home. He is 10 years old in April and according to his original papers, he is 80% Great Dane and 20% Rough Collie. According to his owner, he is a gentle 100 pound dog. She has had him for the past 9 years but will be retiring next month and has to leave Banff to move home back East. Unfortunately, she cannot find an apartment to rent that will allow that large of a dog.
His current owner says that he is good with other dogs provided they are not aggressive towards him and doesn’t mind cats, as he currently lives with one. She said he is good with older kids. With younger ones, he sniffs them but then isn’t interested. He is protective of his space but will stop barking when you tell him to. He has been allowed to be on the couch and bed so that’s likely going to be his MO.
He gets anxious in the car.
He is up to date on his shots and recently had his hips checked because he is slowing down. The scans were clean and his slow down was deemed to be due to age.
Can you give this big sweet boy a retirement home? Contact us, if so! 💕