Blossom has been adopted.



Sweet, young, beautiful girl seeking purrfect home. I’m mellow and easy to please; I promise!  My 2 brothers and I were feral until two amazing ladies sat in a field for hours in the heat to catch us and our mother.  They promised us it was for a good life and from there we have been fostered in a home with kids, cats, and dogs.  I really didn’t want to be touched at first.  But have grown to love it!  As much as I do enjoy hopping up for some love and greeting my foster family, I love to play even more!  I have two favorites: my first is being in those kitty tunnels and my second is… water! My foster mom says I’m silly, but I just like to put my paws in it! Maybe it’s because I like to be clean and I also like to keep my brothers clean.  I tried to clean my foster brother Bloodhound one day, but that just resulted in me having to re-groom myself!