Binx has been adopted.



Kisses?  Who wants kisses? I love to kiss, purr, cuddle, kiss, play, and talk.  Did I mention kiss?  My foster mom says I’m a thief as I steal hearts with my lovey attitude.  I even show love to my foster brother and he’s a Bloodhound!  I just have to follow him, and kiss him, and play with his jowls and his rope toy is the best scratching toy ever!!  So much fun!

My 2 siblings and I were feral until two amazing ladies sat in a field for hours, in the heat, to catch us and our mother.  They promised us it was for a good life and from there we have been fostered in a home with kids, cats, and dogs.  I really wasn’t too sure at first but the human touch felt so good; so good that I can never seem to get enough!  I’m the leader of the pack and always up to meet new people and have new adventures!  (Even if I have to create them myself!)