Banjo has been adopted.



I was a feral kitty once you know, and I am still pretty young.  Not long ago, two amazing ladies sat in a field for hours in the heat, to catch us and our mom.  They promised us it was for a good life and fom there we have been fostered in a home with kids, cats, and dogs.  When I first got here I hated them, all of them.  ESPECIALLY the dogs.  They were a big NOPE.  I would run and hide.  But my foster mom just kept finding me.  Not sure what she did, but I like all that now.  Yeah, even the dogs… Unless they bark!  That can still be a little scary but I prefer to hold my ground and see what’s going on rather than run now.  I like to sit and watch, be cautious amd take notes on the situation at hand.  Unless my foster family is near, then I want attention, cuddles, pets, and play time!  I LOVE THOSE yarn covered mice!