Bailey has been adopted.



Bailey is a sweet, loving red heeler who had a rough start in life where she was used as a breeding dog and kept in a concrete kennel with no socialization. She was rescued last year and came to her current home in April this year. Despite her start she is super sweet and a power snuggler! She is learning to fetch and she is doing great although still needs to work on the return a bit. She loves small dogs and loves to play with dogs she is comfortable with. She bonds strongly to women and never leaves your side when off leash and has great recall. That being said she is a flight risk until she bonds. She is great on leash and walks easily.

Due to her rough start she is slow to trust men but the right man can get close to her. She is shy until she knows you but warms up quickly if she trusts you. She is skittish with new things but just needs proper introduction. She is afraid of loud noises and thunderstorms. If afraid she just hides.

She is a true velcro dog and never leaves your side once bonded. She is great in a car and loves treats and toys. Bailey is a sensitive, sweet girl that deserves a loving home. She is OK with cats although when walking be wary of squirrels and rabbits as she will chase them. She loves snuggling and lots of pets and scratches.